Who is TAD?

Tad has a ton of guts! He's a little tadpole mixed up in the world of young fish. After trying to race with the fastest fish and fit in with the most beautiful fish, Tad finally finds his place in the country pond when competing with the mighty jumping fish.


At the end of the story, Tad realizes he's not a fish at all but a tadpole slowly transforming into a frog. This children's tale will encourage young readers as parents join along in the fun. TAD is available in both hardback and as a digital book. Visit Amazon below to order your copy!

TAD was birthed from the creative mind of Brad Stave and brought to the page through the world renowned illustrator Josh Cleland. You can reach out to Brad and Josh on our 'Connect with Tad' Page.


Additionally, dozens of friends and family came together to back TAD on Kickstarter and make this heartwarming book a reality.  Amongst those, we want to specifically acknowledge and thank:


* Alex Napelenok * The Assantes * Beccy Stave * The Browns * Bruce Burch * Bruno Col * Cameron *Carlson family * Catie & Allen Tam * Charlotte Green * Christy Holcomb * The Cothrums  * Dan & Lyndsay Silver * Dan McFarling * Dave & Alberta Stave * David Knights * Dominique Family  *Don & Sonja Cleland  * Doug & Joyce  * Doug & Lu  *Drum Family  * EvieCiciMax Luippold  * Fleischman Minions  * Grandma Joyce  * Greg & Kirstin  * Greg Wright * The Hellers  * Janessa & Madison * Jeff & Amy * Jeremy & Rosemary * Joel & Melinda * John Arvan * Jon & Moch Snyder  * Juju * Katherine Raine * Kurt Snyder * Kyle Egerdal * Lamin Jatta * Landon Fratzke * Langston Family  * Lauren & Emily * Liam Rucker * Lincoln Ballard * Lissy’s Parents * Lockley Family * Marc & Veronika * Mary Cutter Broussard * Matt Tamura * The Matthews * Michael & Marilyn * Michelle Longo * Mick Stave * Mike & Helen Miner * The Noonans * The Nylands  * P. Scott Cummins * Pam Clausen * The Paulsons * Pedrick Family * Pedrick Grandparents * Poppy Warbrick * Proctor/Bellamy Family * Robinson Family * Sam Phelps * Sara Leister * The Smithco Family * Stevens Family * The Sullivans * Tom & Kelly * Valerie Whitmore * Wendy Andrews  *The Wiebes *

How was tad born?

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